Caring for our Community

During my life time I have been a persistent advocate for issues that are important to our community.

As a business owner for over 40 years, my philosophy was that if I expected the community to support my business, it was important for me to also support the community.

So, in response, I have supported thousands of Burlington Charities and have raised millions of dollars for various causes.

In addition to my business, I served as Chair of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Breast Cancer Support Services and in both roles, I mentored women and families to overcome obstacles, inspiring them to achieve their goals.


As your Councillor...

I have been able to continue to help individuals as they face challenges where they live.

While much of my time is spent on approving budgets and planning issues, I am most passionate about helping residents on grassroots issues.

I also believe in community building that brings our residents together contributing to a vibrant cultural experience for all.

While on Council I have led on the following initiatives important to our residents:

  • Policy and procedural changes to address Epi-pens in city facilities. This policy creates a safer environment for people who suffer from food allergies.

  • Supported our Cities current community Engagement strategies. Creating opportunities for community consultation and participation.

  • Community Gardens in City parks are an important for residents. These gardens support families who do not have space for a garden as well as families in need. I asked for a Community Garden in Ireland Park, but expect more in the future.

  • I brought forward a motion to implement Gender Neutral washrooms in City facilities providing safe places for all.

  • Created an Anti-Bullying and Harassment Task Force that will address bullying and harassment where residents, staff and council intersect. Social media has changed the conversation and many people engage in bullying behavior that is inappropriate. I personally have received threats, racist comments and emails that contain pictures of severed body parts. This task force is my way to educate people in order to stop this behavior.

  • Love My Hood/Car Free Sunday community building events to bring our community together.

  • In my work with AMO Association of Municipalities of Ontario, I am advocating for better and more long-term care facilities throughout Ontario.

  • In my role on the board of directors for FCM Federation of Canadian Municipalities, I am a strong advocate for improved broadband Internet in rural communities. On a global scale I support the work of FCM to provide humanitarian support to third world counties that will result in economic development for Canada and Halton Region.

  • I serve on the Burlington Art Gallery and the Burlington Museum board of directors and have been a strong advocate the Joseph Brant Museum expansion and transformation project.

  • In response to noise complaints from residents I was able to switch the bases of the pedestrian bridges in Alton to a much quieter material at the request of some residents.

There are many more projects that I have helped our residents with from adapting and accessible swing, to swimming pool permits, property matters, parking issues and more....