As your Ward Six Councillor, I have been committed to the City of Burlington & Halton Region.

It is an honour to serve this community, and plan to continue to work to improve the region. 

The 4 main issues I will continue to focus on are:

Caring for our Community

During my life time I have been a persistent advocate for issues that are important to our community.

As a business owner for over 40 years, my philosophy was that if I expected the community to support my business, it was important for me to also support the community.

So, in response, I have supported thousands of Burlington Charities and have raised millions of dollars for various causes.

In addition to my business, I served as Chair of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Breast Cancer Support Services and in both roles, I mentored women and families to overcome obstacles, inspiring them to achieve their goals.

As your Councillor, I have been able to continue to help individuals as they face challenges where they live.

While much of my time is spent on approving budgets and planning issues, I am most passionate about helping residents on grassroots issues.

I also believe in community building that brings our residents together contributing to a vibrant cultural experience for all.

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A Prosperous Burlington

If you ask me, Burlington is a great place to live and I want to keep it that way. 

I found while raising my family that we have just about everything a family wants in Burlington, including:

  • Community and sports facilities and programs
  • Cultural centres and libraries
  • Wonderful green spaces
  • Safe neighbourhoods
  • Many different housing options
  • Local jobs so we can live, work, and play.

Looking forward, these programs and services could be at risk as we will face significant infrastructure challenges over the next ten years.

As your Councillor, I have been an advocate for slow targeted growth in specific areas to help us address these infrastructure challenges in the future. The idea is simple—if we allow intensification in the Downtown (Urban Growth Centre) and around the GO stations (Mobility Hubs) we can attract more people to Burlington, and more people will equate to lower taxes.

By specifically placing the growth in these areas, our existing neighbourhoods will not change.

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Better Transportation Network

The number one issues that residents call me about have to do with transportation. We need a transportation network system for Burlington to ensure that our connections whether you are driving a car, taking transit, walking or cycling that all our networks work together safely and efficiently.

In order to accomplish this, we need our pedestrian cycling infrastructure to connect across the city north and south and east and west, including our pedestrian walkways on our hydro corridors and ensure there is a safe crossing across the QEW.

Our existing transit system needs to be redesigned and I believe a grid system will better serve our residents with increased service levels to fifteen-minute intervals where appropriate. An improved transit system should lead to less congestion throughout our city.

Over the past I supported Presto card system being implemented which allows more flexibility to travel from city to city on transit. However, I support more being done and I am to discussions about a Regional Transit system.

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Protection of Agriculture and Rural Lands

One of the biggest challenges communities will face over the next decade is protecting our green space.

Previous Councils have had the vision to protect our Escarpment, but we still need to do more.

Myself, along with Councillor Taylor led the coalition of hundreds of residents to prevent a Highway from being built right through our Rural Area.

Our parks and green spaces are clearly important to our residents, and I am committed to ensuring there is proper green space in new development, while enhancing our existing green space.

I am proud that I have achieved more trees for shade, more benches for sitting, continued upgrades for existing infrastructure, and upgrades to our sports field maintenance programs.

Our Commitment to Parks

During my time on Council, we opened several parks such as: Doug Wright Park, Palladium Park, and Norton Park.

We also renewed Ireland Park, re built Doug Wright Park (after a fire), and installed a Pavilion and Water Feature at Millcroft Park, along with numerous upgrades to play equipment.

I am currently working on even more upgrades, including a naturalized park at Pinemeadow Park, a Japanese Garden at Tansley Woods, and a Foraging garden at Zimmerman Park.

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