Ward 6 warranted 40km/h speed limit – Phase 2


Transportation Department has advised me that the following Ward 6 streets met the criteria for a reduced speed limit.
The required notification letters will be sent out this week and the signage will be installed by mid-spring.
  • Adventurine Avenue (entire length) at 40km/h
  • Jordan Avenue (entire length) at 40km/h
  • Tim Dobbie Drive (Thomas Alton Boulevard to Steeplechase Drive) at 40km/h
  • Vista Drive (entire length) at 40km/h

Thank you

Thank you to all the residents in Ward Six who gave me their vote of confidence in this election.  It has been a very tough race, but I was encouraged all the way by your comments and best wishes.  I look forward to serving you another four years.  Blair

Last Few Days!

It has been a busy time  running this Election race!  I’ve made it to most doors and it has been an exceptional experience meeting all of you.   Some of you invited me into your homes, I got to celebrate a new holiday “Eid”, and I have made some wonderful new friends.  For those of you who volunteered to help I can’t thank you enough. Many of you have shared your vote for me via the internet and I truly need the rest of you to go to the polls on Monday.  If you are still undecided, I would be happy to speak with you or you can go to my website www.blairlancaster.ca.  Thanks for continuing to help.  Blair

Safety for our kids!

Traffic, Speed Limits and Safety for our Kids!

Traffic continues to be a very challenging problem in Burlington, especially in Millcroft and Alton.

In meetings this week with our traffic staff we discussed enforcement in Alton and Millcroft, Traffic Calming, Traffic origin and destination routes and an Education for drivers on speed limits and road safety.

While attending streets in Millcroft and Alton the people driving to fast, carelessly and distracted are normal everyday folks, usually with kids in their cars.  All of us need to take responsibility for keeping our neighborhoods safe for our kids.

So slow down, mind the speed limits and remember traffic calming measures are there for a reason.  I will be working with staff over the next few months on enforcement, education and actions that can be taken.

We all need to take this issue seriously and keep our kids safe.  Blair