About Blair Lancaster


Blair Lancaster
Halton Regional Councillor
City of Burlington Councillor

I was privileged to be elected to represent Ward 6 in 2010 for the City of Burlington and the Region of Halton Councils.

Ward 6 is comprised of both urban and rural communities, making our ward one of the most unique in the City of Burlington. We have experienced a number of growth related challenges that have required creative thinking and innovative solutions, which I have been privledged to share with our council.

I have worked diligently at protecting our employment lands, stopping a highway from reshaping our agricultural and rural areas, fought against high density growth in Alton community, and brought forward many initiatives to manage traffic and parking in our ward.

During my time on Council I have championed inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility issues. I have lead the change for gender neutral washrooms, Epi Pens in city facilities, improved accessibility in parks and other City services, and the recognition of cultural diversity at city hall through our strategic plan and city and regional events.

I believe the key to community building is for people to find their similarities rather than their differences. Two key strategies I use are food and play to bring families together regardless of culture.

In response to these beliefs, I organize a community festival each year, with the community for over 1500 residents. I am responsible for the City of Burlington's international twinning relationship, which has allowed me to represent the community on international economic development missions to both the Netherlands and Japan.

Before I was elected, I successfully ran my own business for 40 years, inspiring women to achieve their goals. As the Executive Director of a Not for Profit organization for 20 years, Breast Cancer Support Services, I supported women who were journeying through Breast Cancer. It is through this experience that I developed a broad skill set that included raising awareness of priority issues, managing public and private partnerships, ensuring fiscal accountability, and leading advocacy efforts to all levels of government.